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    MinDian Electric CO., LTD is a high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, high and low voltage electrical components, smart home and integrated wiring products as the leading, Scientific research, production and trade as one of the large-scale modern enterprise groups, the registered capital of fifty million yuan, More than 2700 employees. Is the former national machinery industry, electric power industry ministry of production of high and low voltage switch cabinet sentinel enterprises, red card unit, The National Water Conservancy and electric power system network business unit, complete qualification of grade a electrical equipment. National economic and trade commission,"two network" to transform the recommended enterprises. Group under the jurisdiction of the five immediate holding company, and has more than 60 semi close of business, there are 108 loose layer of enterprise, supporting to assist enterprises to 160 much home.

    The company's long-term commitment to the development of the national industry, and many scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning in close cooperation, the estab-lishment of the people's power automation research institute", Specialized in the development and development of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment and electrical components, Continue to increase investment in technological innovation and new product development, accelerate industrial restructuring, accelerate industrial upgrading, Has now formed 18 categories, more than 200 series, more than 3000 kinds of product structure, covering the high, medium and low voltage transmission and distribution system. Enterprises in the product development, research and development of the same time, continue to strengthen quality management, and actively cooperate with the international advanced quality management mode, The full implementation of ISO9001 international quality system management, establish a sound quality assurance system, in the same industry to take the lead through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001-2001 occupation health and safety system certification. Products receive Buban production license and national mandatory product certification, and some of the products won the American UL, European CE certificate. All of our products are by the China People's Insurance Company of the quality of underwriting. And in the national urban and rural power grid construction and transformation projects, the national economic and Trade Commission recommended as the national urban and rural power grid construction and transformation of the national grid, the Southern Power Grid selected proaducts.

    Sincere cooperation, sharing the joy of creation and prosperity, to the more brilliant future ahead!

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